• About me

  • I solve people's problems by creating modern and scalable end-to-end solutions, focusing only on what is needed to build and evolve the product.

Hello 👋🏽!

My name's Igor Halfeld and I'm a problem solver building EXT. Contabilidade Online, I was by three years Microsoft MVP, and I have been organizing Vue.js SP since 2017. (I also organized a 2-day conference called Vue.js Summit in 2018, a Node.js (@nodebr) and Javascript (@jssp) group at Sao Paulo)

I'm founder of Lucky Hackers Academy, the training academy to encourage developers to make their own luck.

I enjoy creating products, and addicted to the philosophy of build&learn in public. Recently created storyseed.pro and leanhackers.club.

Storyseed is an app that let you create content for your social network or blog in minutes with ChatGPT.

Lean hackers is a paid community to talk about startups, tech and product.

I've been in the technology field for over 10 years and creating products within startups for over 7 years.

I've worked with several technologies between backend, frontend and mobile. The languages I currently mostly use are Javascript, Golang and Python.

I also create content (pt-br) on YouTube daily, and do lives on Twitch, on tuesdays and thursdays.

Do you have any ideas about startups, tech or products? Send me a DM on my Twitter

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